‘Rogue Roofers’ are No.1 Plague on Industry

‘Rogue Roofers’ are No.1 Plague on Industry

A new survey on attitudes and perspectives within the roofing industry has highlighted ‘rogue roofers’ as the primary reason for the honest roofer getting a bad rep. The survey found that almost 75% of those who took part believed that scammers operating as legitimate roofers were jeopardising the future of the industry.

In this article, we’ll look at how you can avoid becoming a victim of a ‘rogue roofing’ sting.

Spotting a Rogue Roofer

The most obvious tricksters are those that turn up at your house without any prior contact. If this happens to you there’s a good chance that they’ll claim to have been passing and noticed a problem with your roof. If you receive such a visit don’t be fooled. If you are genuinely concerned that you may have problems with your roof then call a reputable roofing contractor. Inviting a stranger into your home with the prospect of handing over cash is never a wise idea.

Beware of the Leftover Materials

In the event that you do let a ‘roofer’ into your property to inspect your roof, there are still a couple of telltale signs to look out for. If on closer inspection the scammer begins to elevate the seriousness of the problems then be wary; most likely they will try to convince you that the repairs would normally cost thousands but they can offer you a great discount. Most likely they’ll tell you that they just happen to have some leftover materials from a previous job. At this point, politely ask them to leave your house. The chances are the problem they have detected is false, the solution they have offered is bogus and the materials have probably been stolen. These con artists operate nationwide so if you’re in the Hitchin and Hertfordshire don’t be taken in by these scams.

Do Your Research

If you need roofing repairs then take time to research a reputable company with the proper credentials. Over the last 12 months, we have visited numerous properties in Hitchin and the Hertfordshire area to carry out unnecessary remedial work after visits from ‘Rogue Roofers’.