Common Roofing Problems

Common Roofing Problems

How to examine a roof leak?

Roofing problems are a great concern for every owner and can result in undue expense. We are here to discuss some of the common problems faced in old or existing roofing systems. The below problems may lead to a reduced life of sloping roofs whether designed for home or office properties.

Roof Leakage


Primary Reasons For Roof Leakage

  • Damaged and Weak Pipe Boots
  • Blocked Gutters & Downspouts
  • Decayed Shingles
  • Damaged Fascia


Blocked Gutters & Downspouts

Unwanted waste material accumulated in the gutters usually results in sludge formation that may actually reduce the life of gutters by rotting the metal coating.

Blocked gutters can become fire and health hazards. Clogged waste material can create a fire that may damage the whole roofing system. It is advisable to install gutters that are that are less susceptible to blockage. Regular cleaning of the gutters can prevent debris build up and prolong the life of the gutter.

Stagnant water in the gutters often leads to a breeding ground of insects as well as affecting the foundation of the roofing system through undue leakage.

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Damaged and Weak Pipe Boots

A vent pipe is a used to allow the water to flow down the waste pipe. A pipe boot is a type of flashing that comes in a dome shaped boot that snugly fits the plastic vent pipe to keep the roofing free from water or snow. When it gets damaged or weakened, it often results in roof leakage that is also known as seepage.Roof Repair


Decayed Shingles

Shingles are support structure of a roof system that try to be visually in keeping with the roof. Decayed shingles may ultimately lead to roof leakage, which may actually damage the entire foundation of the roofing system. Damaged shingles can result in mold, rot, leakage or even structural damage that can be repaired by patching or renovating the deteriorated part of the roof building.

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Damaged Fascia

Fascias are normally referred to as the attic cover for the roofing system. A damaged fascia often results in the rotting of the roofing system, which may give way to undue leakage or seepage into the room below. This type of situation often creates mold and leaves the roofing structure weak and ineffective.

Fascia Damage