If you are looking for quotes for your roofing work, we can provide clearly costed estimates that will make project planning easy.

We know that you are looking for value for money from your roofing contractors, and that means being able to assess the quality, expertise, and experience of the roofer against the likely cost of the work. We like to make that process easy by offering a quote that is transparent and includes all foreseeable costs, in addition to all the information you need about our work, such as recommendations and references.

Costing your project
In addition to any figures you will receive an explanation of our rationale where needed, and you can be sure that the costing will be based on the exact circumstances of your build or roofing project, with as few generalisations or assumptions as possible.

As experienced roofers with over 35 years in business we know that larger roofing or construction projects rarely go 100% to plan, and that’s why estimates have to be adaptable along the way. But we ensure that any change to your quote will be communicated with you as it happens, giving you fair opportunity to discuss it with us first.

How we know we offer value for money
We work hard to keep costs down and only use suppliers who we know can offer us competitive rates. That way we can pass the savings onto our customers and know that our services are great value, and excellent quality.

How to arrange for an estimate
Simply get in touch if you are interested in a quote from JR Roofing and we will arrange for a roofer to visit you on site. Once we have all the information we need, an estimate will be drawn up for you to consider.

Contact us today for a quote or further information on any of our roofing services.