Flat Roofing

Why choose JR Roofing for your flat roofing work?

We are here if you need help with your flat roofing, or if you want to build a new flat roof. As a local firm long established in the area we have years of experience working with flat roofs of all kinds.

Our success is founded on the professionals in our team, and we value the skills and qualifications of all our roofers. We have developed a reputation for excellence and customer service – every job we undertake is finished to the same high quality standards.

Whether you’re a homeowner needing an urgent flat roof repair, or a local authority with a contract to fill, every client will be attended by a technician most suited to the work, be that using traditional materials, or modern alternatives, such as GRP.

Experts in flat roofing

Used widely and on a range of building types, flat roofing is often found on single storey buildings, garages, and extensions. Keeping a flat roof watertight over the years can take some upkeep, and will require the attention of a professional roofer.

Flat roofs come in different shapes and sizes and can be constructed with various methods and materials. New membranes have extended the range available, bringing wider choice in appearance, and improved performance, with many materials now more resistant to damage through UV light, for example.

GRP offers a great alternative to traditional flat roofs – why not ask us if it could be the right covering for you.

Further information and a quote

We are always happy to talk through various options for flat roofs, and hopefully help you find the right solution.

Get in touch for all flat roof repair, installation and maintenance today, or to chat about any of our extensive roofing services, and we will provide a free, no obligation quote.