How to increase the average lifespan of a commercial roof

How to increase the average lifespan of a commercial roof

Your Commercial roofing is an important investment and can have financial repercussions if not done properly. Roofing professionals will tell you about average roof lifespans but some materials outperform others and make a significant difference on those time frames.

Schedule Roof Inspections
Ideally, roof inspections are done twice a year and after any major weather event. Always choose a reliable company to provide an honest assessment. A thorough roof inspection covers all roofing membranes with special attention to flashed areas, edges and any signs of wear. Needless to say, If you have an urgent issue with your commercial roof, you will need immediate repairs to take place.

A roof inspection reveals repairs that need to be made to prevent problems getting worse. If you do not identify issues, they will get progressively worse and the cost will multiply too.

Proper Ventilation
Commercial roofing needs good ventilation which helps prevent moisture mould from collecting in the roof. An expert roofer can help by planning for airflow and in turn help extend the life of your roofing materials.

Make Preventive Maintenance A Priority
Roof maintenance is essential for the long life. Maintenance involves clearing debris from the roof field and ensuring good flow of rainwater through drains. JR Roofing are here to help you develop a comprehensive maintenance strategy to keep your commercial roof in good condition for decades to come.